The Untapped Path to Raising Productivity

raising productivityAmong tools for raising productivity are automation, training,  and lean implementation. When SHI Group starts recruiting, companies find recruiting can be their key to improve productivity.

Why would that be? The quality of recruiting is the key ingredient to how much value you get out of your work force.

What contributing factors go down to get productivity going up?

Confusion, internal dysfunction, politics, and safety, come up pretty fast.

What is moving up? engagement, passion, clear direction, talent, EQ

All these factors are tightly linked to hiring, yet no one is asking candidates if they cause internal confusion. Thus, confusion grows.

Surprisingly, we do not see hiring manager behavior focusing on these factors.  I think it is because companies  see it as out of reach.

We hear talk about candidates missing some particular experience and will need training.. We hear the occasional comment that the candidate is not a good fit which is code for we do not like him.  These comments do refer potentially to productivity.

Raising Productivity Has a New Path

However, the key issue in productivity is more tightly tied to their character. Is a candidate who they say they are? Do they speak directly. Does their yes mean yes? Do they pretend rather than admit their gap? Are they gossips? Can they admit their mistake? Are they teachable? Do they soak up learning? Are they easy to work with.

In each case, you cannot discover any of these by directly asking. Yet, each would be good to know. SHI Group has made a science out of seeing unseen factors of character as a forgotten key to a good and especially great hire.

Finally, SHI Group knows that how people learn, how they see others and whether they lie to cover up problems are windows into a hard to measure topic. We must go much deeper than checking the resume. SHI Group has eyes to see what others do not, as think character while learning of experience.

Character drives productivity.


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