The Value and Rarity of Leadership Humility

leadership humility

It really is so hard to know who to listen to

True leadership humility is hard to come by and of great value.  American Business Magazine has an article up with the following quote:

“The will to submit to correction is usually either there or not. Either the person tends to exhibit some signs of megalomania and general rebellion against other authorities, or that leader is one with some sense of true humility and thus coachable and willing and able to be a part of a turnaround when and if one is needed. There is no middle ground on this issue.”

The clear solution is that, as a leader, you must be able to demonstrate your willingness to submit to some higher authority on at least some issues.

Leadership Humility – Either There or Not

I love that statement that it is “either there or not”.  Virtually all issues of lack of humility are not going to change with a good counseling or training session. A customer of mine said,  “Each time we come to China to check on the leader, we try one last time to get them to understand. Each time, time shows that the good talk changed nothing.”  You can only change to a new leader.  Your best days are yet to come if you get a leader of both talent and healthy humility.

Now, a word of balance in this thought.  Humility must go both ways. No one is more dangerous to the bottom line than a home office leader who “knows China.” Further, the unpleasant secret is that most of us who started our own businesses did that because we did not want to listen to anyone. Sometimes the home office needs to listen to the China office. However, if you do not know which case you have, then give us a call. It is hard to know.

Finally it needs saying again that your China recruiting should be for character and skills and not recruiting for resumes and a good feeling in the interview. Character can be found in each skill group, but it is hard to know if someone has it.


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