The Value of Understanding Hiring Managers Better

understanding hiring managers betterUnderstanding hiring managers better is a key reason why our recruiting saves you time and gets you better and more consistent results.

You can say you want to hire a finance manager and float a JD. How close does that get your recruiter to giving you spot on resumes and equally good hires?

Understanding Hiring Managers Better is Harder Work

We have two reasons for seeking a direct conversation with hiring managers. The first reason is the hiring manager naturally gives a flair to his needs that a JD cannot capture.  That often proves to be the most important part of the search.

The JD might say –manage key accounts.

The hiring manager might say,”I need a hunter salesman who can also maintain relationship with existing clients.” Go here to learn to Hire and Retain Great Salesmen.

Can you imagine how valuable the sense and thoughts of the hiring manager are to getting the right candidates for him or her?  Further, we draw out hiring managers like we draw out candidates. The better we know the hiring manager; the better we can serve him.  See also Why We Background Check at SHI Group?

Also, knowing the hiring manager and his company behind him help as we give all this information to candidates. A clear picture helps draw in the hardest to get candidates. It also helps create right expectations for candidates. Then, they know if they should move forward or rather not pursue the position. Wrong people get weeded out faster.

Especially in cases where it is a difficult search, the details from the hiring manager can help us find the hidden candidates.

Many times we are contacted by HR people which is OK, but is far from the hiring manager. Hiring managers know best, HR leads to second hand information which loses something for sure.

Hiring managers need spot on talent, and we get there by seeking that deeper understanding that goes right to the point for them.


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