The Very Best Interviewees – Beware of Them

The very best intervieweesBeware the very best interviewees. They are usually the very smartest and most dangerous candidates.

How is it that the best interviewees are the most dangerous you ask?

The lie is always more powerful than the real story. Note two real events.

Candidate A said- “I managed $100,000 in key accounts and sold $6,000 in new sales”


Candidate B said- “I sold $500,000 in new sales alone!”

Candidate B got the contingent job offer of course.

The customer was pretty excited about getting Candidate B as everything he said had more pizazz.

We are just the guys who made the calls and tracked down the data.  SHI Group verified the actual data that said candidate A did better. Here are the facts.

Candidate B  who said $500,000, actually had no new sales at all, and was managing something less than $100,000 in key accounts.

Facts proved that Candidate A had done what he said.  The customer ultimately hired Candidate C who had honestly done better than A.

We had a different customer and a candidate that was so over the top that we did not propose the customer to interview him.

However, we turned over all the resumes, and they picked his out as the resume had special products and said he worked 4 years as a manager.

See the Very Best Interviewees at Work

He wowed the customer on the call so much that he made him an offer on the spot.  The customer came back to us, and we found the candidate had never been a manager and only worked for that key company several months and not 4. So the customer had us tell him no. Well, the customer on the phone had already got that verbal offer, so he went ballistic and wrote the customer on and off for 6 months.

He even got an old US professor to write the customer and say how good he is. So, he was the only candidate we had that got an offer on the phone in the first interview, but he was the most trouble of all, and they regretted all contact with him for many months. So did we.  See also China: A Land of Trained Interviewees.

Yes, Another Story

We had another who breezed through two interviews and went straight to the CEO who also loved him. Background check showed more lies than truths. The candidate then talked to our recruiter.  The candidate said how great our recruiter is. He added warmly that they should meet at a coffee house together to be friends. Then this guy wrote the customer.  He said what a horribly unprofessional guy our recruiter was and invited the customer to the same coffee house to be friends.

With any other recruiter, we are confident these two would have instantly got the offer.  Then the intrigue would grow and grow and even the hiring manager might lose their job before they got rid of these trouble makers.

Fortunately for these companies, we live to keep these kinds of people out of Western Companies. Better people exist, but I doubt any of them will ever be able to tell amazing lies like these candidates did. I also know they are working at other Western Companies now. Other recxruiters will not block them but package them.

Beware indeed.

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