There is Money To Be Made in China

money to be made in chinaChina, the number two economy, has looked a little shaky, but it is definitely number two. Hiring has been easier as the labor market has been a little soft. Now is the time to hire to capture business or to do better in supply chain work. There is money to be made in China.

We have been getting busy as the market has opened, and businesses see the value of the market in China. We have contact with some successful Amazon companies who find China to be the very best place to find products and get them to market. What are they seeing?

China’s market and manufacturing ecosystem are unparalleled in our generation. Vietnam will never replace China for example. Mexico cannot be China either. So, here they are in China.

Good salesmen and properly led sales teams have so much to earn here.

Money to Be Made in China Needs Good Hiring

My caveat is that many companies are not reaching high in China, and even get frustrated here. A key reason is they did not get the right hires though they found good resumes. Good resumes do not earn you anything here. They are too easy to fake.

I love China, and it is my adopted home, but it is not Kansas. Good hiring that gets you someone ready to join your way of doing business and ready to make it happen does not happen by interviews that initially feel good.

Yes, some have rolled the dice successfully without the right recruiting process.

However, many have been burned. Why take a chance?

SHI Group China makes sure that each hire is a successful hire. Our rigorous recruiting process makes sure and leads to consistent results that make our clients smile. Oh, and it helps our clients sleep better for good reasons. We are your partner in China to protect you and make sure you love this country as much as I do.

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