Those Pesky Job Descriptions

perfect job descriptions pesky job descriptionsThose pesky job descriptions do need some help. Let’s think about them a little bit more. We can use them so a candidate understands their responsibility when they join.  That’s understandable. But to use them to find candidates, we have to think more about this question.

No recruiter can hold twelve different topics in their mind as they talk to a candidate.  Or if they’re busy checking boxes, they can’t really understand who this person is correctly because they’re so busy checking boxes.  Yeah, that would make a mess of the whole interview conversation.

Those Pesky Job Descriptions Can Hurt or Help

Generally speaking, our recruiters can actually get the whole train of thought of who someone is to understand them well.  At the same they can hold three facts to chase and understand along the way. They need to chase the three key things that need to be accomplished in the job.

So then, how can we look at this? I think really we have to think more and try not to scare away candidates by how we handle the job descriptions.

When job descriptions become an effort to find a perfect candidate, then companies are hurting themselves because there’s no such thing as a perfect candidate.

But aside from this question, you know, job descriptions are useful and it gives them a general sense of what they’ll be responsible for. And, you know, some of the more minor items down at the bottom of the job description are not the main point. So, they could probably pick up minor issues on the job if they haven’t actually done them.  No need to confront the minor issues before as opposed to like the three major points you bring them in for. These, they need them to have great experience.  So focus.

Let’s Get JD’s in the Right Place

We now understand that job descriptions have a place. They have something valuable, but we can’t overemphasize them.  Whereas, we can really focus on three important things you need this job to accomplish.  In most cases, that’ll work out very well.

Therefore, no need to kill yourself on JD’s. Kill yourself on specifying the main things you want this person to accomplish in the next, you know, year or two when you hire them.

The job description is something that can give them a sense of familiarity, of what what this job is about. It gives the candidates a kind of a first step to help them know you.  So don’t kill yourself with the job description. Let them be a distant friend.



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