Have You Thought About Transparent China Recruiting?

transparent China recruitingHave you ever thought about Transparent China Recruiting?  I have been thinking about it since 1997. You actually need two transparent groups. First, you need recruiters to be transparent. Then you need candidates to be transparent.  If you have that, then recruiting is quite straight forward. I did that everywhere for many years here.   Finally, I started my own company to do it full time. See also Transparency in Recruiting How Valuable Might it Be?

I am super happy with the decision to start this company the summer of 2009 in the midst of a worldwide Great Recession.  Timing was not great, but we survived and prospered. I was a known transparent China recruiting expert since 1997 via placing surprising people who proved to be overwhelmingly good choices. So as soon as we opened our doors, people started to call us and ask for recruiting.

Along the way, we have helped so many companies and plan to help many many more. Life is a great adventure and better when you are doing something you love. Having my own company, I can do it my way. My workers know this is the hard way to do recruiting, but they are committed heart and soul to what we are doing.

What Does Transparent China Recruiting Look Like?

It is glorious to get all the data on candidates, so you the client can make informed choices that work time and again. All companies needed to make great hiring standard was to get to real data on candidates, so all becomes so clear. Under those circumstances, no one needs to get lucky anymore.  Companies can do quality hiring like a Six Sigma event rather than rolling the dice. We enjoy that and are glad to be successful in that role doing it completely different than standard recruiting. It would have to be because I have never wanted to work at a recruiting company, nor would I hire someone from a normal recruiting company.

Thanks for reading with me on Transparent Recruiting. We love providing trustworthy talent to Western Companies active in China.


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