China Recruitment- Get Ruined or Succeed

China Recruitment- Get Ruined or Succeed

Most companies are careful to use data, but if you look closely, strong feeling decisions dominate in China recruitment. Find a way for China Recruitment success to be consistent.

Do you fill out a form when you interview? That will not save you. How you fill out the form or even put in numbers to measure will be influenced by your gut feel.  So you would be trying to get lucky with gut feel and usually cross culturally.

It is possible to get lucky, but it is more than possible to get unlucky. You can then hire someone who tries to cheat you of all the money or intellectual property you have.  You can call that unlucky. I think if you get better recruiting then you can avoid bad luck.  Some bad luck is not as bad as they steal from you, but it is dragging you down just the same.

You can do personality tests to try to add objectivity, but two things will vex you.

  1. People like to game these tests to get the result they think you want.
  2. People with very similar personalities can include one guy who is lazy and steals and another guy who is hard working and honest.

The key things cannot be told. You need someone who has skills for the job you are hiring. You need people who will bring their heart to work and do their best to make your business successful. The resume and interview can tell you a lot. They can also be used to deceive you. See also SHI Group China for more thought

China Recruitment Success!  Not by Gut Feel

You need real data to back up the resume and interview. The data should be able to overrule the feeling you had in the interview. Or else you are running your company by data and your people by gut feel and thus you wonder why you have politics.

If a guy says he worked 10 years for a certain company and brought in US$20M in business, that sounds great. Is it true? Our experience is 72% of the time it is not true. So if you expected that he brought in millions in business and he did not, then you will be unlucky. Of course these facts could be checked. Recruiting companies do not usually do this, and if they do on occasion they do not really have a heart to prove their candidates are lying and incapable. Further, they are not going to be good at finding the facts or which facts would be good data. HR? um, hope to get lucky. I see little hope for HR in this generation.  Most can calculate benefits OK and can fill out forms as needed. They are nice people sometimes.

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