Hiring Fast, Hiring Slow, Which is Best?

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Hiring Fast, Hiring Slow. Which way is it for you? Which way is best?

Brian Schwartz at Fast Company said he tried to hire fast in an important time at his company, and it did not go well. His lesson learned is to hire slow. To that I say yes and no.

Hire Fast, Hire Slow – It Depends

I guess if you get a handful of recruiters all throwing mud at the wall, and you want to see which sticks, then you need to have a strong enough process and grit, and you should likely take it slow.

If you hire a retained recruiter like us who researches to prove at least 10 years of work history, then you need a new way of thinking. One of my customers says “We will take as long as it takes.” There is a certain wisdom in this. However, it needs more thought.

Candidates are not like kleenex that you can select off the store shelf any time you want. The very best candidates are sometimes only available for a brief window of time. The candidates’ passion for your company is impacted by the process or lack of process you display to them.

So moving with alacrity in the process is always smart. Find a way. However, if we tell you we found a gem, then move fast.

Examples of Hiring Fast, Hiring Slow

Let me tell you a few stories. We were placing a GM for a large high technology Western Company. I fell upon a gem of a GM who was exactly what they needed. He was already expecting an offer from another company. I wrote the CEO in the US and wrote, “Urgent! Call this guy now!” Within 20 minutes the CEO had that GM candidate on the phone and won him to his company. He made an offer to him within 10 days of the first conversation. That was great work, and they earned a great guy for their company here in China.

In another case, I was working to find a financial controller for a Western Company, and the hiring manager was the CFO. We talked with one woman and realized she was the one they needed and much better than we expected to find in their location. I knew she would be snatched up quickly if they did not move quick. Therefore, I immediately reached out to the CFO and said “Urgent, hire this person now.” The CFO did not respond. I reached out to the VP of HR. He got back to me after a few days. No one reached out to the candidate. 2 weeks later they made some weak efforts. They got busy 3 weeks later, and she already had other offers that she liked. The customer lost a gem. They got a guy who was just OK instead, and I still shake my head.

There is a Time to Jump, and a Time to Slow Down

So, we need to be adaptable in recruiting. If you have a niche recruiter like us, we will make you rich with the right people if you can jump when the balloon goes up. Further, we will take as long as it takes to get you the right person even if it is hard. Long or short time, jump on these as candidates turn up.

That consistently brings the best value to our clients. You may want to read, China is Fast so Hire Fast?

Finally, if you have ever been a candidate, you know how it is to wait. No one likes it, and more waiting means clear loss of engagement in candidates. Even if they are not hired, they talk to their friends. You need them to spread good news about your company in China. Make the investment. Clear the deck and hire when the going is good.

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