Rules, Rules or Spot on China Headhunting?

Rules, Rules or Spot on China Headhunting?

I like the China Briefing, and they have a good article up on internal control. However, I want to say a word about how a spot on China Headhunter might lesson your need to make the business uncomfortably rule-bound. You might need Rules Rules or China Headhunter.

I am not saying that businesses do not need rules. Bigger businesses will tend to need more rules even, but we need to look more on why we need rules and a strong compliance system.

People naturally want fairness and do not want anyone getting an unfair amount. That is understandable.  Some people will take advantage of any gaps. That can make life harder for all.  However, it is quite common. Rules often multiply as a result of messy hiring where values are not considered,

However, some managers have a long view. They do good honest work today in the hopes of being recognized and rewarded.  They team with others to make the team a success and enjoy that as well.  They are driven but not unfair or short sighted on how they pursue success.   Do you have people like this? Most companies have at least one.

What if most or all of your top managers were this way and not prone to political behavior? How many rules would you need and how strict a compliance system?  You would still need guidelines and rules but shared values could carry across gaps.  The whole environment feels better. Some leaders are prone to develop teams like this. My company for example has few rules as we hire for character as well as values and as well as talent.

Rules or China Headhunter as Your Culture Builder

In our best customers, we place a leader with this kind of leadership thinking. He or she is not prone to hire weak subordinates but rather chose strong managers who are also pre-screened for honesty and values to make a strong team.

Teams that unwittingly hire for resume and interview skill are a mishmash of values and need more rules and are a burden to oversee. Infighting or cliques are too common.

China headhunter

The right headhunting gets you here.

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A New Kind of China Headhunter

We think a good China headhunter does not live by finding perfect resumes and packaging candidates to sell to you.  This gives you the mishmash.

We push a culture of China recruiting that sees the whole candidate including his or her values and leadership style.  We find trustworthy leaders who take a long view of success via honesty and wholehearted work.

It is a lot more work to know someone that deep, but the results are great. We would never turn back from this and hope many would realize that Trustworthy Talent is a great way to build a company in China.  Find more at SHI Group China

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