Trust or Information Dependability?

trust or information dependabilityIs a good measure trust or information dependability?  Let’s sees what the Asia Network Group’s Professor Warwick Powell says.

Importantly our main point is that most supply chains in complex social divisions of labour rely not so much on “trust” as an interpersonal fluid notion, but on information dependability.

This hits the topic right in the head. We talk a lot about finding Trustworthy Talent® at SHI Group, both here and now in the US.

However, if you look deeper, you can see that our success come from making information dependable. We often talk of giving hiring managers real data and find they make the right decisions again and again because we give them all the data. See our 3.5 minute video on this.

Many hiring managers say, “I trust till they break trust.”

This kind of blind trust makes so many troubles. It is an empty and damaging trust. I hope they do not get married that way either. Oops, sorry, we do not do marriage background checks…

It is not easy work, but it is so worth it for our clients. We take them to the top by finding the very best possible candidates at the very best salary for both customer and candidate.

Trust or Information Dependability is Subtle and So Important

Do you have doubts when you hear candidates make certain claims? We do. Unfortunately, we find that most of those doubts have good reasons. We are just the company that makes sure you filter out these people.  We are happy to say that some candidates have talent and nothing to hide. They are comfortable with their own skin. They are not perfect fortunately as that would be untrue. They are excellent, and will make you happy that you sought the best by getting the true data that makes hiring so much more simple for our customers. See also Chinese Transparency on Display.

95% of the total data is accurate with most hires. It is the 5% that makes the hire unsuccessful when it is not uncovered. People only cover up that embarrassing gap in their resume and the reason for it. So their resume looks perfect, but the 5% change they made covered the story they did not want to tell. It is just the story you need to know about to compare to others and make a great hire the first time. See also Hiring “A” Players or “A” Manipulators on our US site.


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