US China Trade Are You In?

US China TradeUS China trade volume shows no signs of slacking despite problems between the countries politicians. Might I add all Western trade doing quite well.  Why is that? Then, how can we business people do better here?

The politicians complain but people keep buying both ways. Why? Simple economics.

When China was poor, they made little we liked and consumed less of what we produced. We were economically just too different.

Now, 30 years later, Chinese businesses and people need a lot of things we make. We have a lot of need for things they make. Look at TikTok. Could Chinese companies have made an app so good for American tastes in 1991 when I arrived? No way.

Let me note one other small example. Chinese people hated cheese above all else in 1991. So, I thought pizza had no hope here. Now, pizza, often with extra cheese, can be found everywhere in China. Industrially, it is the same story. We are converging despite all talk of decoupling. The market speaks.

We know trade works better when you have a local who is on your team and helping you. The problem is that hiring cross culturally is no easy task. The number of companies that get scammed by their employees is vast.  Hiring disappointments abound.

US China Trade Good and Bad on Hiring

We know one US company that hired a super selfish guy to handle their imports from China. He blocks all hires that have talent and deceives the US boss as to what is China.  The owner does not know another world exists and is afraid to jump, but the millions he loses are an unfortunate testimony to the world he might have known.  He is also not the worst kind of hire as outright fraud is common and hard for us to spot cross culturally, Hires must bridge the culture gap, while he makes it bigger.

Salesmen are another piece of deep water. They deceive you on the market to take pressure off themselves. They like to say, “This is China.”  Or they sit in an office and rarely get out.  Sales hiring is the biggest mess here.

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