Using Job Offer to Get More

using job offer to get moreUsing job offer to get more happens unfortunately.  You make a good offer and then they use it to get their present companies to give them a raise is a certain problem we help you avoid.

This is analogous to the guy who accepts the offer but never shows up for work.

We do not see these as our process weeds them out.

However, we have a recent case that I want to explain to unlock this question more.

Using Job offer to Get More Or Something Even More Subtle

We found a candidate that’s resume is exactly what the customer wants. The point of contact at the company interviewed her for 20 minutes, and then wanted to make her an offer after we background checked her.

The candidate wanted to see the offer before she agreed to the background check. We smelled some trouble and so dug more.

She has worked at her present company for 10 years. Our process proves that out, because it is easier to write you worked for 10 years at a place than to do it.  She actually did it. That is very unusual. She is not a job skipper. See also, Beware the Very Best Interviewees.

Talking with her more, we drew out that she does not feel she knows our client well enough as she never got to ask questions. She has not developed enough trust in the company.

Somehow, she gained the feeling that she could not ask for another meeting. She is a careful person. This is very much who the customer wants. We reached out to the customer, and they arranged another time for her to talk more and know them a lot better.

Now, we had spent more than 90 minutes with her before we called to draw out her need.

We know candidates better than our customers and well enough to work out these more subtle problems. We love being this full service company.


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