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iso 9000

ISO 9000-lets make these real

We do not want ISO 9000 to be a game, and it usually is. Standards competing with ISO 9000, 14000, and 18000, are a growth industry. Most are roughly the same in their outlook and attitude. What they espouse is good stuff. However, I want to mention a few risks. Game playing is one. Naturally, to get any agency to sign off you need to play by their rules and know how to get them to approve you. It is a game. No system can accurately see your heart and so they judge you by measurable issues that seem to show your heart. Having a good heart and caring for workers and the environment are not enough.   You need to show the proper signs. It is all enough to make the best of us a little frustrated.  Also, we all know companies that are not well run but have all the approvals you can name and some you cannot. They beat the system somehow. It makes me feel a bit cynical. In China, taking the examiner to dinner is often enough to cover up problems, making the whole system like a joke.

ISO 9000, 9001, 14000, and 18000 and all do not have to be just a paper push

Notwithstanding, we can make the most of this rising tide of standards. That is a hallmark of leadership. We cannot pass this off to someone else.  When the need arises to update or work on a new standard, we need to smile. It is an opportunity to develop a better system and make a better enterprise. Let’s use the pressure to rise higher and not simply game play. Oh yes, we must game play, but let’s make an emphasis on making real improvements whenever the chance arises. Sure we can make our paperwork better, but let’s make what lives in our peoples’ hearts better.   That is where real success thrives. We know at SHI Group that changing the character of our candidates is unlikely, so we research to get people who are good at real work and not just paper push. How does that sound?

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