What about China Reference Checks?

china reference checksChina reference checks can be valuable but rarely are.

When They Are Done is a Sign

When do you do reference checks is a good question to ask if some recruiter says they do background checks.

If they say at the end of the process, we can confidently tell you that their background check is no use.

A background check with teeth at the end of the process means starting over from scratch. We know it means the recruiter will not get paid any time soon if ever. After the offer is made to the candidate is a very bad time to say the guy cannot be trusted.

So if a recruiter says their background check has teeth and they do it at the very last, then you know the guy will pass the background check.

Or, imagine how you would feel if you and two others interviewed the candidate.  Then you went to China and met the candidate and then found out he was lying the whole time. How do you feel?

As we have vast experience in doing an integrated rigorous recruiting process, we expect to kill many of our own candidates. Therefore, we start as early as possible.

China Reference Checks Also Need to Go Farther

I once had a customer tell me that the other recruiter also had a reference check. So I told him to ask that recruiter how many candidates they kicked out in their background check.  Additionally, I told him to expect they would say zero. He called them and called me back 15 minutes later and said he would sign.

Reference checks are only a part of a good background check. See also Why We Background Check at SHI Group.

A good background check uses many sources to finally build a picture of a trustworthy or untrustworthy candidate. Further, we do not accept any reference unless the person can be verified as a real person of value to the check. Falsifying references is a common behavior in China.  Doing China reference checks is not easy for us.  It takes a lot of time and ownership to get the right information, but so valuable to get the right hire the first time.  That is our hallmark, over 95% successful first time placements.




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