What Do You Want in a Recruiter?

want in a recruiterIn the early years of this company, we asked our best customer, “Why do you want in a recruiter? Why do you choose us repeatedly?”

He said, “I don’t know. “You speak good English?”  We somehow thought we could bring more daylight.

Thereafter, Paul and I looked at each other and realized we needed to talk more about what we were about and find companies that understand us and want what we do.

However, let me write on what I would want in a recruiter as my background is being a line manager with improving the team as a key task. I hired and fired people as a leader in light, heavy and precision manufacturing, consulting, distribution, and finance before starting this company to do it for others.

I see we hiring managers want first time hires who meet or exceed expectations in every way.

That is simple, and I think you all agree.

To me, this means I want someone who will do work while I am here as well as when I am not. I want someone who will positively influence the culture of the company. I also want someone who is excellent in the functional area I hire then for.

Now, in the functional area, I have a 60% chance from the resume and interview. People in many positions can talk a better ability than they can actually do.

What Do You Want in a Recruiter- a Lot Like I Wanted

Someone who will help us keep and attract better talent is super valuable. Can you get that by hiring someone who seems personable?  That can go for you or against you actually.Manipulators can be the politician you really did not expect. We recall a recent person I will call Sally Gao. She wowed everyone with her functional knowledge and personal attributes. Looking over 10 years of work history, and comparing our notes with our customers, we showed that she was a habitual liar and well practiced politician who could easily get a job but would make all regret hiring her. See also Why We Background Check.

Others are more subtle but can be even more harmful. Years later you will finally know what happened and we do get customers who have been hurt this way. We would rather not see anyone fall into such a hole but start better.

To keep out the very worst hires, we found only an integrated top to bottom recruiting system that finally checks 10 years of history clearly. This brings the right hire each time and avoids the headache of the bad hire. We bring daylight and are glad in our work. And yes, we do it with good English and great service. We even do it in China and the US.



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