What is a China Recruiter?

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We admit we had to take off the blindfolds to do this

I admit that I often make pains to explain to customers that we are not China Recruiters. What I mean is our whole viewpoint and methodology are distinct from the industry. Here is a quote from LinkedIn to illustrate one point.

In sum, lying in the recruiting industry – for some firms – is standard operating procedure. There are hundreds of stories out there on the web, but one of my very favorite involves a very-well-known celebrity chef. One “reputable” agency (as told by the Los Angeles Times) actually had a personal friend of the firm call to pose as a past employer of a candidate so that the agent could score a commission for a placement.

What are most China Recruiters?

I agree with the writer that most recruiters are dishonest as the temptations are too high and the likelihood of being tagged unclear. Also our findings that 72% of candidates lie means that a lot of recruiters lie at a minimum. How much background check do you think they do on their own recruiters for example?

The next step is knowing what to look for. We were recently praised by a company for placing a plant manager who had not worked in 14 months. He praised us as we persisted after he refused and until we got him hired. They paid him well under their forecast. We knew he was the right one. Our ownership and insight is high as we care and we have all been leaders before doing recruiting. We know what is needed. Recruiters are not normally former line manager leaders.

We placed another top China leader, and he had not worked in a professional role for over two years. He doubled their profitability in 6 months and continues to enrich the owners. Not all our placements are like this. Most are not. However, it is our desire and ability to see beyond and through the resume to find the gems that makes us completely different. We refuse to be taken in or put off by the normal resume criteria. The one leader had no resume at all and just wrote us a narrative. He was the right guy to make this family owned company millions of US$. Recruiters do not usually take personal responsibility for your success. They just hope to get past the 13 week guarantee period.

China Recruiting Should Not Be Like It Is

We again and again get candidates to tell us all, or if not, to at least tell us enough to hang themselves. We have many ways to get real data just so our clients can know the real data and not hire that person who cannot come clean, We know how to get there and love placing great people with honest companies.

As I have said before, other recruiters have their secrets about how they get you to hire the most expensive guy. They know how to package and we do not know how. We major on unpackaging, so our customers see the real candidate.

Other China recruiters major on finding or making beautiful resumes and convincing candidates to go to troubled companies without telling them how bad things are. We are transparent with both sides.

We definitely are a boutique/niche recruiting firm as some see it. We see that we are taking no cues from the international recruiters. One is they are out buying strong software like that will help you. All it does it lower their costs and give you key word algorithm hires as if candidates cannot overcome algorithms. We give you gold.

Other China recruiters have a web site with lots of open positions to appear big. We do not play such games.

We think other recruiters are throwing darts with eyes purposely closed and blindly hoping good things will happen. If you do enough recruiting, enough mud will stick I suppose. We do not live that way.

So What is China Recruiting? Seems Something Not Like Us

So my answer? A China Recruiter in the above sense is something we definitely are not. An International Recruiter is something we do not want to be labeled due to what we see. We hope to reinvent the industry and love succeeding in that path.

Here’s to a new way to do recruiting.

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