What is Trustworthy Talent?

What is trustworthy talentIt is fair enough to ask again  “What is Trustworthy Talent?” So, here, I will say more.

The short answer is you need talent that you can trust.

The long answer is that resumes can look impressive when they show great experience and long terms in good companies doing important work. Of course, candidates know that. They feel pressure to massage their resume to cover up those gaps by extending the true term they had in that good company.

Also, they feel pressure to tell you they were always loved at every company and always were successful. In a 10 year career, can we allow candidates a mistake? If we require perfect, we get fakes, and the cost is high.  Some bosses are really bad. They would be right to leave when untenable. SHI Group does not claim to have a 100% success rate in placements. (We are above 96% however)

If a candidate has to lie to get a job and succeed in getting a job by lying then he or she will lie to keep the job.  If they tell the truth and that gets them the job, then they will likely tell the truth to keep it.

They often lie to cover up the fact that they do not have talent. They can pretend they have talent but saying is so much easier than doing. Companies are surprised when the quality manager cannot improve quality like he said he did everywhere.

What is Trustworthy Talent? It Is Two Things Companies Need

Most companies seek talent and assume trust. There is a mighty high cost to that attitude.

In truth, they are assuming talent even though they focus on that. SHI Group is the only company that can confidently say we supply talent, We also confidently say we provide trustworthy talent who can tell the truth under so much pressure to lie.

Those people who have focused on doing good work and not learned to be great liars are the true gold in the market.  This is what we mean when we say we provide trustworthy talent.

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