What to Look For in a China Recruitment Agency?

finding China recruitment agency With 20 plus years of experience here in China, what comes to my mind for what I would want in a China recruitment agency?



High ROI

Good Service

Now, if I think a little more, I would order them in order of what I would want. Let me try.

What Do I Really Need in a China Recruitment Agency?

1.High ROI

Return on Investment would be on top for me. I want value for money. for example, would I enjoy having this hire for 1 day 10 days 10 months, 10 years, or a career? Would I have any regret at the end that I made the wrong hire?  Then, would this hire be worth more than he costs and by how much?

2.  Quality

Hiring is hard work. I would not want to do it again soon after. I want each hire to be a rock star. I would want them to put me at rest for good reason. What I mean is someone who would be capable and honest in all he or she did. I would want to get what I expected or better in the hire. I mean someone who interviewed and then was even better when they started work and going forward.  Now when we say quality, we have a certain budget for most positions. We want to reach as high as we can with each placement within each budget. So, this is also tightly related to ROI. We need value for money in each case.

3. Good Service

I would want a group that would respond to me in a timely fashion and not leave me hanging. I would want clear communication and clear process. I also want a company that can understand me and know why we are hiring and understand the deeper issues of why it is important.

4. Speed

Finally, speed would be valuable. I would want a group that could get me someone today if possible.   Now I would not want to sacrifice any of the above 3 to get speed, but I would want them to move with utmost alacrity to get the job done. Also related is Recruitment Agency in China – 7 Ideas for Choosing.

Summary on Finding China Recruitment Agency

I suppose others might list a plethora of items, but I sense that this, in a few words today is what I want in a China Recruitment Agency.  In truth, there is much more to say.   See also What Would Make the Best China Recruitment Agency?


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