What Would Make the Best China Recruitment Agency?

best China recruitment agency What would make the Best China Recruitment Agency?

Let’s look at key factors.

Great Talent in Candidates

Every company wants and needs this. Companies often fail here, though, as often pretenders get the job offer. Recruiters must help you filter them out.

Great character

Smart people with poor character are the worst hires of all. They blow your socks off in the interview.  Then, they regularly steal your socks secretly after they start.

Deep Thought on Leadership

Most positions you need help with need leadership ability. Most recruiters have no deep idea what a good leader is or how to know if a candidate is a good leader.  See Also Executive Recruitment China Understanding.


Amazingly, good English is a differentiator that cuts out many.


You need recruiters who keep in touch with you and candidates and are not annoying.


You need recruiters who can find what you need quickly. They can jump when you need help. However, most speed problems are caused by hiring managers getting tied up with their day job.

Consistent Quality Hires

Any recruiter can get lucky and give you a good hire. You need one who knows the candidates deeply and knows you as well, so can repeat great hires.

Deep Understanding of Business

Many recruiters have no idea how you make money or why you are recruiting this position. It is a key gap that is often overlooked by the recruiters.


You often hear this from me. How can you make good decisions if your recruiter is training candidates in how to fake their resume? This is way more common than you think.  You also need them to be transparent about who you are. If they say you are great when you are not, then the hire will not be successful.


This is related to knowing your business, but goes a step further. Top recruiters must really care just like they are the owner. The best recruiters actually should have an opinion on who you should hire.  They should not be pushing you to hire the candidate who is paying them the most!

Being the Best Recruitment Agency in China is Not Easy

If you can get most of these, then you will do a lot better. SHI Group leans toward quality over speed, but do track time to job offer. We work to keep speed as much as we can on our side. SHI Group loves consistently seeking to be all the factors need for Best Recruiting Agency in China.

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