When Do We Trust in China Hiring?

When do we trust in China hiring processWhen do we trust in China hiring prcess? Well, thinking we can hire people in China and trust them until they prove trustworthy is not a good model. Take a look at this case put up by the Canadian government.

You are a Canadian technology company that has established an office in China. An employee of your company presents you with “fapiaos” (receipts) from a business trip which you later discover are fake. Instead of having used the allotted sum for travel expenses, the employee has pocketed the money. You conduct a thorough investigation on this employee and find the grounds to discharge him. When you present this employee with his severance package, he is displeased at how much he will receive and threatens to sell company technologies that he has acquired through his work with you to your competitor.

Canada makes a good point. Hiring people in China like you would back home is not wise. Local Chinese companies hire friends and relatives to avoid these problems. They know.

So, some companies mistrust everyone as this is China.  That is super tiring and alienates everyone.

Some get lucky or hope to get lucky. Why would anyone hope to get lucky instead of making sure? See also Making Rules May Be a Sign You Have a Trust Issue.

When Do We Trust in China? – We Have an Answer

Our job is to make sure.  No one who has hired us has placed this kind of story with any government. China has great people. It takes tons of work and keen insight and an amazing system but we help our customers sleep at night for good reason.

We have found it is best to doubt first and then research to clear our doubts befopre we recommend. When all clear, hire away and then choose to trust and spend time trying to check to find this guy doing right. Almost certainly, you will find he or she is. If not, tell us, and we will replace.



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