When in Rome and the China Experience

the China experience over the do as the roman Anyone who has been in China for some time may hear “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” This has some wisdom but let’s connect it to Roman and China experience.

In Rome, they enslaved people and thought that correct.  Some things in any culture we should not learn. Holding to our values is important while learning to use chopsticks is good. What risks exist here in China?

How about recruiting? Many Chinese companies do not use recruiters but rather hire college and village friends and relatives. Why do they do that?

A Chinese business owner told me the friends and relatives may not be as talented, but they will not steal the company. Also, they know them better and do n0t face unexpected. That has certain wisdom. However, we lack village and college friends. So, what should overseas companies do in China?

The China Experience Gives Us Thought

The principle these local bosses use is they need people who they know better and can trust more than just seeking talent and great resumes.

How can we do in Rome as they do?

We have no college or village friends in China.

SHI Group, therefore, chooses to look deeper as who can just believe an interview? We choose to look at their trustworthiness and never assume. We think the whole candidate is important and not just their experience. They deserve to be known and you deserve to know. That is our job. To find even the unlikely and know them well enough to sleep well at night after placing them is central to our work. The absolutely right person is so valuable. We can even reach higher than Chinese companies as we can prove if candidates are trustworthy or not, and not sacrifice on talent. Better talent can be found. Let’s reach higher together.


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