Who is Critical in Hiring

who is critical in hiringExperience is important and hiring managers seek that as do we. However, digging deeper for who a person is is a higher priority.  Who is critical in hiring.

By digging deeper and asking who what how and where or certain events, we learn a lot of facts that will be useful to piece together who a candidate is at core. Finally, the details are checkable and finding that the candidate was true in all she or he said shows even more. People of character are not afraid to tell you the good and bad and do real work and so are not prone to tell lies.

The Details Uncover That The Who Is Critical In Hiring

Others, build their career step by step doing real things and building a strong network.  Let me explain. When we ask people if they want to update their resume because we know they have falsehoods, they will almost always refuse.

Why would that be? We talked about that among ourselves and saw they were too invested. They had built their house on falsehoods and never letting people inside the facade.  To come clean is a restructuring of their lives and few are ready.

In an unusual case, I had one guy admit to one falsehood that I had not found, yet. I found out that the falsehood I had found already was the one place he could not go.  In anger he refused. I told him I was sorry he could not come clean. I wished him the best and had to let him go. See more in Why We Background Check.

It is really hard to live in that false world. They tend to pass that on to us as are not real and do not focus on real things which are so much harder to do. That spreads to the team.  Or, conversely, they do big things bit harbor other bigger plan to protect themselves or gain their own benefit at expense of the company.

When you find the right ‘who’ you will find the what moves forward much better.  Come and try.


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