‘Who’ Needs a Closer Look

Over a year ago I did a post called Who Then What.  I also land on this topic in other ways as it is so important and especially in China. Have you considered the transparency of how your team relates? Politics and positioning eat up time and the organization.

One hire of a political player, and you end up with the U.S. Congress. Even people who are committed players are forced to be political if you allow the politician to prowl. They are so smart about what they say to who and how. They make the right guys look foolish.

Get the manipulators off the team. Make a point of it. Think more about how these people are manipulating you and poisoning your whole organization. You likely need help to find them as they are experts inside. Objective outsiders can be very effective. Be very careful to not let go the wrong person. The results are horrible on team efficiency.

Once you have done this and done it well, you can have people you can develop.  Do not develop the wrong ‘who.’


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