Who Will Kill Their Own Candidates?

Who Will Kill Their Own Candidates?

Recruiters Killing their own Candidates?

Who will kill their own candidates?  Crazy people?   How about their best candidates? Foolish or insane?

Well, we feel that to be good to customers we must be willing to kill our own candidates and even our seemingly best candidates.

We do not know of any companies following us, but guess there must be some.  Let’s go a step further.

Who will actively go out to find dirt on their own best candidate and then share all with the client?

Ok, that is our job, and we know how much work that makes for our company.  We have seen the results and so could never do regular recruiting again.

Big companies will develop more and more complex algorithms and hacker companies will work for candidates to help them beat better and better algorithms, especially in China. Meanwhile, we will keep finding small true data that is highly predictive of a good hire.  Further, we will block all the most nefarious cheaters who can hoodwink any interviewer and the bosses as well.

Companies often feel they are good and no problem but are losing money every day on the bad hires they do not even realize exist in their midst. Well, sometimes they know in some ways, but delay pulling the trigger while others pick up bad attitudes because of the rotten apple in the business. See also Believe Candidates or Not?

Who Will Kill Their Own Candidates?

Considering how much money is lost by even mediocre hires, we know why our business has prospered in its brief 8 year history more than I first expected.

We suggest many more companies will be strong with the amazing hires we place consistently.

We also know we will keep going as we can always sleep well at night and not need to wonder if our candidates are bombing.  So at least one recruiter will keep killing their own candidates.



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