Why Big Recruiters Give You Bad Employees

big recruiters 1 eye closed

big recruiters – 1 eye closed

I want to tell you a secret. Big Recruiters’ favorite statistic to keep is actual hires vs quarterly target. As I learned long ago, you get what you measure and reward, and that is what recruiting companies measure and reward.

Why is this bad for you?

Big Recruiters are Designed to Give You Bad People

Recruiters earn more if they sell you their person. They thus are not serving you to get the best candidate.  They are packaging, so you cannot see a candidate clearly, so they can earn more money.  They often hope you do not know the truth.

Would it not be better to have a recruiter that is on your team and that is working for you? The only stat we care about is % of repeat customers and even that is not a perfect measure of the value we give.

It is very difficult to objectively give a good picture of a candidate to customers under the best of circumstances.  The famous big recruiters are wallowing in the worst circumstances.  Sometimes using big recruiters you get lucky and get the right person despite this system. Ahh.

So you should not be surprised that training and coaching does not solve the politics you are seeing.

You have not invested in getting the right people on your team, or you have been duped by the recruiting industry who only cares about getting you to say yes to their person. Seems you are dammed if you do and dammed if you do not.

Please do not talk to me about HR Managers solving this problem. See my blog on this.

China HR – The Anchor Keeping Your Company from Flying

We are confident the right people are out there, so not afraid to tube our own candidates. That is the only way we can sleep at night. I am not sure how they sleep at night. They must work with at least one eye closed.


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