Why Does SHI Group Focus on Character?

focus on characterWhy does SHI Group focus on character?

Somehow, I like this question.

Any of us who have worked for any time at all know what it is to work for bad bosses and bad coworkers. The politics and frustrations bleed life out of you. I first developed this system of hiring when I was hiring for myself. It is so much better to be with good coworkers and good leaders.  Therefore, I sought to get the right people all the time. I often feel I am working for the little guy who has to work for or with the guy I am placing. Will this hire bring them life and make the organization thrive?  Or, how can we place people if we are only guessing they are right for such a task?

We also place a lot of guys who are the only person a company hires in China. We also are open to admit that we like to send the bad hires home while we get the gems good work. The world needs to have more politicians sitting at home and less wielding power in our Western companies.

Focus on Character is Worth More Than You Think

We also see character as more than just an irritant. A guy says he sold $5 million but sold nothing actually is not going to give you the benefits he said he would.  His or her ‘talent’ is interviewing and not giving you value. Y0u will waste a lot of money on this bad hire. We are on the same team as would make him sit at home rather than wasting your time and money. We love to do that and then work more to get you the right hire who is a gem.

When Paul and I were considering focusing the business more in 2013, Paul said, Focus? It could only be character recruiting as that is our only true heart.

As such, a recent customer said, “Your web site screams integrity.” We are glad to hear this. We think it is that important to the health and success of your work.

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