Why New Employees Leave and How to Avoid

Why New Employees Leave and How to Avoid

Why New Employees Leave is a Vexing Problem.  Let’s examine the many related aspects together.

Bad Recruiting Process

Hiring on a certain feeling or from hearing the candidate say certain words leads to a mess.

A decade ago, I had three managers interviewing every candidate for a position. That did save us from one bad hire. However, we found a better way. We have one manager interview a candidate for 2 hours, and he or she is totally responsible to gain a complete picture of the candidate with vast detail in that period   That allows one person to truly know him and to handle all other contact with this candidate. The purpose is to really know the candidate and build trust. See 11 Things You Need For Excellent Executive Search.

Also important in this is to make sure the candidate knows you well enough. It helps a lot if you are more transparent and builds trust before and after hiring. The key is that a placement should not be surprised when they start working as they expected a very different task or company atmosphere or what not.

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Weak Onboarding Process

Every company has some kind of onboarding process, but many have nothing in writing. No one has sat down and thought,  “What does a new person here need to be comfortable and successful? It goes from where is the bathroom to how do I get a promotion.  People need the whole picture.

No Mentoring Process

Many hiring managers will help their new hires. Often, they can be a kind of mentor. It often does not happen as companies are not intentional to give people more guidance and support. Encouraging a new hire to find a mentor can also be a good method if hiring managers are not trying to protect their turf.  Before I started this company, I mentored a junior office manager who is now my head of all recruiting. He chose me, and it proved to be a long-term path.

Bad Managers

Professional people quickly leave bad managers. Anyone who does not give credit, guidance, and support is not worth their time. So, they float their resume and leave as soon as they get an offer, and sometimes before that.  Worse than leaving is many marginal hires just hang around and get a paycheck. This is a huge weight on companies as they drag down the whole culture of the company.

People who leave tell their friends you are a bad place to work, so the loss is not one hire.

Ay Inc, James Sudakow also has some good thought on why new employees resign which you can find here.

Why New Employees Leave is Complex

Some of these problems can be fixed in a few hours or days of work, but the more important issues like getting the right leaders on the bus is a bigger issue and more valuable.

Take the sign of a new person leaving within the first year as a sign.

Get to work and make your company a better place.

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