Why Take a Chance of a Bad Hire?

why take a chance of a bad hireTalking with a customer recently, he touched on the loss of time and total hassle of one bad hire. It begs the question: Why take a chance of a bad hire?

Avoiding a bad hire may cost a little more and occasionally it takes a little more time, but what is that against the cost of a bad hire?

Hiring someone can take 3 months when you take into account they need to give 30 days notice. It takes 3-12 months to get a bad hire out of your system as they have skills to avoid getting kicked out. However, let us take 3 months as a standard. That is total loss of 6 months of search, interview, on board, train, relation building, etc.

Why Take a Chance a Bad Hire When Not Needed?

The pure headache and loss of traction over 6 months takes tons of energy from more productive pursuits. It compellingly hurts people all over the organization. People who worked the hardest to welcome such a person are hurt the most. It makes them not want to welcome future hires.   Then, there is all the money in salaries of all the people involved.  Also, we must come back to the time lost. See also Cost of a Bad China Hire – Avoidable Damage.

Some people have tried to go the extra mile to make the right hire, but their experience was not enough to know how to get the right information.  This meant extra effort proved to be waste.

Since 2009, SHI Group has been untangling results of long term bad hires, and protecting clients from making these highly costly mistakes. Further, we significantly raise the possibility of making a great hire. Digging deeper to know just what you need.  Then, digging deeper to make sure that the candidate is who he or she says they are is totally worth the effort. It protects you from loss and gives you a higher chance of a great hire.  See also Perfect China Interviewing Equals Perfect Hire?  My Dad often said, “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right.” I could not agree more.

When that great hire sinks into your organization, you know you did the right thing.

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