Why We Background Check

Why We Background Check

SHI Group meticulously background checks for every position we fill for our clients. It is a lot of work and ends up killing a lot of candidates that customers would otherwise hire.

Other recruiters know we do this and do not follow. I think you can imagine why not.

Why are we so different?

We have led companies and personally done turn arounds.  We have felt the trials of working in highly political companies. We do not want to live that way and do not want our customers to live that way.

If I was hiring a key position, I would want to know the truth about the candidates working experience.  I would want to filter out the people who just interview well. I would want to dramatically lower my risk of hiring. I would want to increase my chance of a great hire.  In fact I was always finding ways to do that for myself.

I managed or fixed a lot of different companies in 27 years in China. Candidates were continuously getting better at interviewing. By 2008 I saw that the interview though done very well still had too  many gaps.  See also, The High Cost of Bad Hiring.

The Background Check Starts and Proves Indispensible

So we started to do thorough background checks in 2008. It immediately saved us from making one bad placement. As we did more, we saw the future was clear. Thorough background checks gave us glasses to see candidates that interviews could never reach.  It made our lives harder, but helped us achieve real data which had always been my deepest heart. When both sides have good data, they make the best decisions. No more gut feel and 95% successful hires became the standard.

Furthermore, I always wanted to reward the candidates who were mature enough to tell us the truth even when it made them look bad.   I am further glad to tell the people who are the politicians that they are not a good fit and send them home to consider the error of their ways.

That is why we do background checks.


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