Will Smarter Interview Questions Get Us There?

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This article posted on LinkedIn peaked my curiosity as about interview questions.

Note the article has 16,171 likes. The original article can be found here.

From this, we sense people are still looking for the magic question to solve their recruiting problems. At SHI Group we think this is over simplistic. We know that interviewers are more prepared than we are for the interview. The most dangerous hires know important questions and have prepared how to answer.

Her question is “What was your most challenging assignment or task?”

Do you think most candidates would now prepare for that question as she is making it famous? Would good interviewees let you into their real world with this question? See also Hiring on Resume and Interview.

Candidates are surely learning in the West, and so hard to interview. China is a land that focuses on making good first impressions. They are way ahead of the Westerners on packaging their responses.

Interview Questions as the Key?

I estimate we ask near 40 questions of any candidate. Would any one question predict success better than their entire resume?  Would we say there is any magic question?

In our business, we our looking for teachable people because every company has their own specific way of doing the business.  We think her question is a good question but not magic.

SHI Group knows this as know most candidates will not give you a real answer. We learned that deep interviews are good as they create more places to background check. The background check has become the king. No interviewer no matter how skilled can keep out the most nefarious hires. We should not think because we caught one candidate lying in the interview that now we will catch them all. We know that the background check keeps out the people that are the most tricky and most able to keep you in the dark. There are lots of these people.

So interviews are useful, and good interview thinking is useful, but we should not be looking for any magic easy formula. Finally, we found it is hard work to ensure our customers get a good hire every time.  We are glad to do that work as our expertise is there.

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