Work With Enemies? Avoid Being a House of Cards

work with enemiesJim and I were talking about how politicians influenced the world and people. Politics played a more essential role in Chinese people’s daily life compare to American people. We talked about many kinds of politicians, Abraham Lincoln, Deng Xiaoping…… The most amazing thing we both feel is they can work with their enemies. Even their enemies would follow them in many ways. Like how Lincoln freed the black people. Like how Deng Xiaoping opened the Chinese market. They worked with people who clearly were against them and worked out the impossibles.

It must be hard to be a politician. Very hard. Your business should not be this way though. Hire only those who are clearly on your team.

A TV Series Shocked Me and Made Me Think

This hardness reminded me of a TV series from the US: The House of Cards. In the series, Frank Underwood and his wife Claire use manipulative, dashing, cunning, methodical and vicious ways to gain their power. I couldn’t breathe when I watched it. There was no truth, no justice, no mercy, no love, even no feelings as I see it. It was all about power.

In Chinese, there is a saying: No enemies are forever enemies. Only the profit/interest is forever. I don’t know how we will react if we are betrayed, or we betray someone else. Frank Underwood slept with a young reporter. In return, this young reporter would get some first-hand information from Frank. Claire knew he was with this reporter when his husband was so late coming home. When Frank was finally home, Claire asked him calmly: “was it the first time?”

Frank calmly said: “yes”.

“Will it be the only time?” Claire asked still as calm as a rock.

“No.” Also as calm as a rock.

What a life for a politician.

I can’t imagine if I am Frank Underwood. Usually a movie or TV connects people with their actor’s performance. I just can’t connect with this person. The life I have and want is so different than his. This very smart politician can somehow jump out of a normal human being’s life, balanced all the power (even from his enemies), and gradually gain his power (also even from his enemies).

That is a great talent.

Is Your Business a House of Cards?

However, will you dare to hire Frank Underwood for your business?

Surely not all politicians are like Frank Underwood. However, do we dare to hire a politician for our own business?

Again, to be able to work with enemies is a great talent for sure. Inviting one into your own company unawares is suicide though.  Just who on earth can manage this kind of talent? Maybe only another Frank Underwood can handle Frank Underwood. Probably Frank would know when he will betray someone and be betrayed? So that he can be protected and safe.

We can’t trust people like Frank Underwood in our own businesses. In one of our previous blogs: Chinese people are all trained politicians,  we also talked about how we discovered that 72% of Chinese applicants lie on their resumes and in interviews to try to get a job.

We Must Avoid Working with Enemies – And We Can

SHI Group has good news.  We only saw a few candidates who are as tricky as Frank Underwood, even though there are many liars and many dangerous politicians.

Better news is 28% of applicants tell the truth and can give a strong positive cultural influence on your business.

Let’s not work with our enemies. Let’s work with people who are TRUSTWORTHY. We make sure it happens. Welcome to reach out to us.

So that you can sleep well at night.


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