Workers Either Must or Want to Follow II

A comment on my previous post shows me a follow up is in order. The comment by Will asked how long it takes to get to a WANT kind of culture. This reminds me of one new department I started not so long ago. From day 1, I encouraged workers toward an open culture, and they put their hearts in from the start. Workers come ready to achieve and only the system and wrong leaders beats them down.

Once beat down, it takes extra effort to build up. You efforts to convince workers that you mean to develop them and be on their team will not produce change quickly. If you hired workers of character, and you work hard to change the culture, you can see change within a month.

If you have hired workers who just want to prove themselves and have junior leaders under you who still want to use workers, then it will not develop well. You may have to let go of workers who will not follow your positive lead. This takes more time to identify and work out. Conservatively, you might see impact inside a month and a clear WANT path by 1 year out. Naturally, a lot of variance will occur based on coaching and commitment to the path.

I will follow up on this. Any comments to direct more?

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