World Class Employees? What They Are. What They Are Not.

world class employees

Do you really know what your managers are thinking?

I know a Western stock held company in North China whose Western GM told me he has three World Class Employees who can get work anywhere in the world.

Picture of a World Class Employee?

His HR Manager is one he names.  For the last 8 years she has worked with impressive professionalism. In the hardest of conflicts she will keep her cool and represent her company to the utmost.   She has a 28 year old supervisor under her who does not care, however, and the GM does not see it. The supervisor is faithful to the party line, but it is clear under brief observation that she has left her heart at the door.

The HR manager treats all training companies and recruiters like dirt under her feet just like she treats her supervisor.

She treats candidates very cavalierly. They count for nothing.  They arrive and she leaves them at the door for 30-50 minutes regularly without any explanation.  If her boss decides he wants these people, then she turns on the charm and apologizes as necessary.  The GM never knows how she treats them.

Neither she not her Western GM understand why her training suppliers get worse and worse year by year. Maybe it is because she say withholds money due.  When they pester her for payment she says they will get paid that day and does not. Five days later they called and she said the Finance Manager was on holiday. They called the Finance Manager’s office phone, and he picked up. She bitterly and ever so professionally blames trainers. Her ability to weave a lie to cover her gaps is impressive and professionalism is her covering for her deviousness.   She does not know why it is getting harder to bring in top talent from other companies in her industry. She does not realize that the rejected candidates can go back to these companies and tell very graphic stories of being treated bad and best employees will clearly shy away. She blames her recruiters. Best recruiters fall away as their employee branding is in the toilet. Further, they do not like being treated like dirt, so they fire this customer. The worst recruiters must stay and do her bidding.

Who are World Class Employees?

People who tow the party line well?

People who are faultlessly professional?

This HR manager has that.    What is the real cost of not seeing how she hurts the company inside and out?

Description of World Class Employees

World Class Employees

  • Speak the truth consistently with caring and tact.
  • Treat even bathroom cleaners with high respect.
  • Are smarter because everyone shares with them as they are caring team players.
  • Learn from everyone including the guy sweeping the floor.
  • May be smarter in some ways, but they are not overall smarter.
  • Take responsibility and not blame others
  • Simply are learning more every day and increasing their lead in understanding.
  • Understand and value each stakeholder.
  • Are force multipliers as make everyone more valuable.
  • Open to their mistake and weaknesses
  • No matter what they do. They do their best.
  • Company priorities above personal priorities

What else would you add? I see these people are rare but worth finding.

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