You Hire- Staff Moan, What Went Wrong?

You hire- other moanYou Hire – Others moan. What have you done wrong?

If you hired a leader, you may have unwittingly hired a kiss up kick down leader. They are so good at making the boss feel good, but hurt the whole company. They always seek to hire workers who are desperate enough to accept bad treatment.   It leads to poor results as they are the only smart one in the room, and all the others voices are lost.

However, if the company needs a turn around, and you hire a leader, he or she may cause turn over and pain in the organization to get to a healthy company. Those bad workers will moan when you bring in the good leader. Gradually, this leader will introduce you to excellent staff he or she has developed. He will talk about more talent than just his or her own.

The other moaning problem is you have hired someone who is a poor leader and not able to take charge. The staff feel you have hired someone who is not as good or honest as they are. This can lead to complaining as good staff see the company getting worse. It is yet another hole to fall into.

You Hire – Things Get Worse, What Happened?

In fact, there are many ways to make your company suffer with bad employment choices. There are relatively few ways to get it right. How the mighty fall is littered with bad hiring and various ways to fail.

The base cause of all these unexpected failures is that companies do not know the hire well enough before they make the job offer. It is a kind of hubris that makes companies not put enough into the hiring process.

Unexpected failures follow. I have seen a lot of failed companies and bad decisions. It pained my heart to see the bad candidates study interviewing and hoodwink bosses where great candidates were sent home without an offer. See also the Power of Lying Why we Hire the Wrong People.

So, when I started this company in 2009, I set out to make sure that did not happen to my customers. We did have one bump in the road, but refined our thinking and found we could relegate failed hiring to the ash bin. Come and see. China is our base, but we are also able in Asia.

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