You vs the Candidates and the Recruiters

candidates and the recruitersWhat are recruiters doing? All recruiters are looking for candidates that you can hire. It is a hard job. The best candidates are doing well at good companies and will not move. Many candidates will not move if they are not familiar with the company. Therefore, most recruiters package up their candidates to help them win. This means it is you versus the candidates and the recruiter.

This is why recruiting is so hard to get right. The table is stacked against you. You are offering money and both are working against you.

You vs the Candidates and the Recruiters; Or You and SHI Group

We never meet recruiters who are like us. We are desperately trying to find new data on candidates and most of it will show the candidates are better at interviewing than working. Other recruiters would never dream of hurting their candidate’s chances. We are in different worlds. SHI Group feels comfortable in the world of working for our clients. We also are the friends of good candidates. They look good when all the facts come in.  So, they can get jobs the cheaters cannot when we are the recruiter.

SHI Group is not the friends of cheater and fakers. We are polite to them, but the facts we uncover will make them look bad, and they will lose the chance with you.  At SHI Group, we think they need to fail more before they will change, but our experience is even over time, they do not change.   The good news is that if you do not hire the cheaters, then your competitors may hire them and suffer with these politicians who always look better in the interview than they do the first month of work.

So, we make our clients happy in two ways. We get the best available talent and leave the trouble makers to your competition. We never give you a pretty packaged person for hire.


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