A Word to Understand China…and Ourselves

The strength of a country can be defined by whether one word can connect with almost everyone and what that one word is. That is core for a country to be great. It is the value base for a country just like each company needs.

To explain the one word or phrase that connects with virtually every American heart, we can get the word:  Freedom

For Britain we get Stubborn Independence (Bull Dog Spirit also possible to use)

New Zealand – Down to Earth

Australia- Straight Talking

Japan – Rational Thinking and Uniformity

Philippines – Carefree and Alive

What word would we use for China?    Struggle, ahhh…Struggle   the Chinese word is (Zheng ) 争. 

Chinese people are taught to struggle from early childhood to the end of their lives. Struggle lies at the heart of their culture.  So when properly led, they are diligent to the core. They suffer through childhood and on it goes.

Think how different that is from the concept of freedom.  In my heart is the desire to be free and use freedom for the common good. (Many Americans have lost the thought to use freedom for the common good sadly)

Chinese hearts are struggling to be and survive and sometimes achieve, but the pressure is high. It leads to behavior and attitude differences that we are suprised by.

I would love to see some comments and push back on this.  Can we get some other countries or better words for the countries I list?  Even go to our LinkedIn group if that is easier.

What do you have to add?


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  1. Charity November 28, 2012

    It’s true that STRUGGLE for Chinese, but sometimes I think another word FAME is also we desire deeply in our heart. FACE is also a suitable word for China.

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