Are All Chinese Untrustworthy?

are all chinese untrustworthyNo. However, how do we handle our stereotypes? China Law Blog has a great blog up on that very topic. Read it here. Are all Chinese Untrustworthy?

I know a guy who is white and has a US accent and who gets business from people who do not trust the Chinese. He then promptly finds ways to cheat or misserve his clients that would make most people blush. The U.S. firms let their guard down when they see this white American. We always need to check under the hood.

I think stereotypes are useful. Chinese people generally cook better than me, are better friends than me, and stretch the truth more than me. They are more diligent than me and can often have a thought that I could never imagine. (My wife is Chinese by the way)

Hmmm, My Chinese wife does not stretch the truth more than me. I think we can say that certain cultures have certain tendencies. Also, in most cases, our weakness is also a place of strength.

My Italian relative is a better cook than I could ever dream to be. His relatives are better cooks than me too. They also talk more openly than my Swedish American family did.

It is unwise for us to say all. It is unwise for me to paint some kinds of people darkly without seeing all of who they are. And even the imprisoned criminal is not Satan. I love to hire the diamond in the rough.

It is Foolish To Say All Chinese are Untrustworthy

My company talks a lot about 72% of Chinese people are lying to get the job. For a guy who once thought all Chinese were untrustworthy, this is good news. 28% are telling the truth and are talented at doing real work. That is the basis of our business. If we just say all Chinese people have a poor commitment to quality, we have made a mistake. We need to find the Chinese that care about quality when we need it. They exist. We need to find the Chinese who want to say Yes and mean Yes. They exist too.

I hate judging people by how they dress and what car they drive. Some of the best people I know are economically poor or dressed casually like Einstein.

I hate judging people by what school they went to or what company they worked for. However, I do take note of these things and then check under the hood to see what I find. I should not assume.  Some of the very best interviewees are also the most dangerous people to have in your company. We successfully filter out the dangerous, costly, and bad hires knowing the good and great hires are out there to find.

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