Are You Afraid Of Any Of Your Chinese Workers and What They Might Do? Part II

firing in China in your facility and you feel a kind of fear

Not pleasant but sometimes best for all. Early better than late

So yesterday, we mentioned that you need to prevent these strong manipulating people from getting in your China business.   Today, I want to talk about what you do if they are in your facility, and you feel a kind of fear about them  You are afraid they will take revenge if you correct them or afraid what they might do if you fire them. You may have just some discomfort,but actually your relationship is ruled by a kind of fear.  That is our topic.

We help clients find out if their fear is justified.  Sometimes, clients fear the wrong people or for the wrong reasons.  Let’s talk about the person that really you fear or feel uncomfortable with, and you should feel that way. 

In Your Facility and You Feel a Kind of Fear?

You do not need to live in fear of anyone working for you.  They may hold the keys to your technology. They may hold the customer relationships.Thpough man experiences we have seen that our fear is over blown. A new and better day arriaves when these people leave and the whole organization strands up to fill the gaps. 

First in rare occassiuons, some people can be moved from an unpredictable and disloyal base to a better base with proper coaching. You could coach while having an outside agency like ours quietly look for a replacement for this person. (See also Chinese Recruitment Agency)  If they can be coached successfully, then you can cancel the search, but if not, you are empowered and can plan how to let them go. There are other people out there you can hire who you do not have to fear.  Some companies replace them and again have a person they fear. They feel extra trapped. It is not necessary.  The right person can be found but not simply by resume and interview. In China, it takes a deeper look. That is our speciality. 

Tomorrow, I will write about how to handle the days when you let that person go.

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