Both Romney and Obama Have it Wrong

Let me put up an HBR post of an interview with Michael Silverstein as some of you may enjoy it. It is called, China and India are an Opportunity

He mentioned how both Romney and Obama are all wet.  Actually, both men are smart enough to know that China is important to our future in a positive sense.  But the electorate thinks all our problems come from outsourcing and especially China.   So all politicians say we should be tough on China.  Obama said get tough in 2008 and then delinked human rights from trade discussions shortly after taking office. Romney says he will say China is a currency manipulator, but he probably would not. He is a smart enough business man.  So we should not buy on their words. Their words, unfortunately, just cause the people to think more and more about how bad China is. No politician will stand up for China even though they know that China’s success is ours as they buy more from us the more they grow.

The Soviet Union was malignant and had plans for world conquest just like the extreme Muslims do now.  China is pretty benign and on our side in the War on Terror. They are arguing with their neighbors about a few uninhabited islands and preach against hegemony. China has no heart to lead the world.  They just plan to use Africa and nothing else for example.

We worried about Japan for a generation, and it was no use. We need not do the same with China.


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