Building a Team- Who Before What

who before what

Manipulating tools is good, but manipulating people is not.

Again and again we see messy teams and do what we can to help. Companies hire people by putting huge pressure on recruiters to find the perfect resume candidate. They get the resume, but do not get what they need. And later they need to call us to dig them out.

We can dig them out, but it does not have to be this painful.

As owners, or as GM’s, we can repent of our focus on resume and interview feeling. We can talk to people who understand and believe that another way can work better in China or Bloomington for that matter.

Most companies we visit are a mishmash of right, marginal, and wrong people.Often the most protected are the wrong people as their manipulative abilities are so high. Right people work for them and often leave before we can turn the situation around. The worthless and the manipulators stay. Often the percentage of problems goes up over time, and the leader cannot see what is happening. The people who are the right “who” have developed a right character that makes them teachable and people of integrity.

Most often leaders are not too clear on what “right person” means. They have not thought about finding trustworthy talent. Some assume those people do not exist or have no talent. They fear making a big change, so they put up with people who focus on manipulating their boss.

So, let us turn back from building talent into the wrong people. Let us turn back from enduring our messy team. You can do better.

Any comments?

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