Business in China Can Be Compared to Basketball

Over at China Law Blog in the comments section, a guy named Other Mark made an analogy that is worth seeing. Find his whole comment here.  I pasted the analogy below.

I think it would be foolish to think that western companies are intrinsically more civilized. They’ve just assumed (catastrophically in some cases) that the environment here is the same as back home. To pose a basic basketball analogy, foreign companies have spent the last several years playing organized basketball with whistle-happy refs. The Chinese companies have been playing street ball where elbows and travels are not called. Sadly, the foreign companies continue to complain about the calls rather than just saying “Ok, this is street ball, not prep school… let’s keep our heads on a swivel and get tough.”

This is a great picture of business life here with a different and useful taste.

Learn how to play basketball here, and play it fairly despite what the other guy might be doing.


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