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The key to successful and smooth change, like implementing ERP in China, is to have a strong corporate culture. To improve it, you need to think about Change, Change,  and more Change.

Change Change Change

A messy culture will have a messy implementation of new technology–or whatever change you need.  Messy cultures means bad hiring among other things. If you want to first work on hiring, then see Executive Recruitment in China. Actually, good hiring of people who are teachable and open to your thinking must be the first step. then with that raw material you can move forward with more thinking.

However, even with good recruiting and a strong culture, it is good to recall that coaching builds buy-in.  In this case, people need a chance to express their concerns about the new way ahead of time.  Once they work through it, they can become supporters for that new path.  So put one-on-one coaching in the plan for your next change and that will prevent setbacks down the path.

Desire First

Have you ever shared some information about a change that caused the recipient to become enemies of the change?

A simple principle is: Do not give too much information about a new innovation until you have created desire.  Too much knowledge without desire often leads to push-back that actually slows the project.  Creating desire is often the heavy lifting, especially if you have a weak culture.  Get people to want the change before you start shovelling information at them.

Your principles

Also, when you bring your technology to China, keep in mind that they do things differently here.  Bring all your principles and answers to the “why” questions. Moreover, be open to people’s thoughts here on how they might implement the principles you have brought over. However, don’t cave on principles.

Another quick point is don’t ever say this is the American way. There is a little too much nationalism here to take that path.  Make it known that you will take the most efficient path wherever that idea comes from.

To summarize, change is not easy and especially in China. Putting the work into having a strong culture is more than worth the work.  Coaching is valuable in all change as it gives people a chance to process and give input to help you.

Somnehow writing this blog, I have thad the song, Turn! Turn! Turn! playing in my head, Enjoy this old song from the book of Ecclesiastes if you like. Then on to change the right way.

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