Changing Worker Lifetime Habits

Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating this holiday.

Recently, I read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.   It is interesting and well written.

He notes that Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step process is good, but they know that most people can not move from live long habits without a cataclysmic event or deep spiritual experience. So AA unabashedly encourages faith experiences as the 12 steps is not usually enough.

I also have found that changing a person’s character is usually a losing battle in a Company context. You can train skills but character and other deeper issues are only moved by something bigger.

So I recruit and hire on existing character.  I find ways to get the truth on issues of character in hiring as I have never seen a small to mid size company in China fail for lack of technology. I have often seen them fail for lack of character in the hires they made here.

What have you seen?

I will not be producing a blog tomorrow, so catch you the day after. May the holiday bring us good time with family and a deeper chance to think about our character.

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