China and Boundaries on Behavior

China Hearsay mentioned that Chinese show Da Pang had copied Conan and embarrassed itself.  It is a funny piece. Go check it out.  He then says why it might have happened.

Or perhaps the stressed out, overworked, post-80s kid who was left with no options after hitting a “creative” wall. Of course, he is deeply sorry for the embarrassment that he has cause himself, his family, and the show.

When Americans are pushed, they will get pushed all the way to the edge of what is legal or internationally acceptable. Chinese workers often do not have the same boundaries. The idea of law being above other issues is only now just starting to take hold in China.

In the West, King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215 which was the first time a king had made himself subject to law. Law was starting to become relevant to all people in 1215 in England.  Abraham Lincoln said  the U.S. has a government of the people, for the people and by the people. I linked to the actual handwritten Gettysburg address if you want to see it.   We Americans feel the law is ours and want to stand up for it. Chinese people have no such historical background. Their heartfelt connection to rules is less.

So under pressure Chinese people may blast right past the law or convention.

This can get your business into problem.  Beware asking your Chinese worker to just find a way.  Their assumptions of what you mean and yours could get your business in a lot of trouble.


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