China and Engineers

China and engineers 1968 Nanjing bridge

Westerners said China could not do it. Completed in ’68 and still in heavy service -1st  Nanjing Yangste Bridge

China and Engineer, two words that sound right together. In engineering schools in America you can see a lot of ethnically Chinese people. So you can imagine why iPhones are built in China. No place in the world has even half as many schooled and trained engineers as China. We find it is a buyers market. Sure, many Chinese people have engineering degrees and no interest in engineering, but the background is useful in other pursuits they take on.

I read about companies moving to Vietnam. Sure, if you are just looking for lowest cost and have little more than simple labor, then just find cheap. However, if you hope to continuously improve and have a world of factories all around you as suppliers, you can only be active here.

China and Engineers – a Great World

Three years ago, Business Insider said this:

  • China now has a far bigger supply of appropriately-qualified engineers than the U.S. does — folks with the technical skills necessary to build complex gadgets but not so credentialed that they cost too much.

  • And, lastly, China’s workforce is much hungrier and more frugal than many of their counterparts in the United States.

This is definitely even more true now. You want a salesman who is an engineer? No problem. You want an SQE who is an engineer? No problem. You want to design new parts? No problem.  You want them to speak good English? No problem.

20 years ago, I remember a big bridge collapsing. It was obvious to all that it did not fall because China did not have qualified engineers. It fell because of corruption. The rate of lying to get a job in China is over 70%, but engineers lie a little less, perhaps just 60% lie. Of course, the cover ups cost you more when they are working for you. We can ensure you get engineers working in any field who are willing to be vulnerable and admit mistakes. The right engineer does not play politics but does real work,

They exist here and not just a few. Want 1 or 50? Want them to tell you the truth even when it is hard? That’s what we do every day.




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