China Bashing as Political Sport

The Wall Street Journal says, “Obama Plans Panel to Watch China.” Give me a break. Political pandering, pure pandering.

We, in China, get sick of China enforcing laws against us businessmen here more severely than they enforce them on their favorite SOE’s. However, in the present political season in the States, we see traditional foreigner bashing going on with emphasis on the most recent aspirant who wants to climb the ladder, China. As noted in the last post, we used to like to throw mud at Japan. When Japan crashed and China bombed the waters off the coast of Taiwan because they were becoming too independent in 1995, we all turned our sights on China.

Obama is no fool. He knows that bashing China is foolish. Nevertheless, all people like to bash foreigners. People do not like to point fingers at themselves, their family or even their country. When in doubt, blame the foreigner. China does it. The U.S. does it. The European Community does it.

In the period 1885-1914, who was famous for: IP infringement, product copying, child labor, unsafe pharmaceuticals and foods, low pricing leading to trade imbalance and similar problems? China, Japan? Ahh, it was the United States. In Western Europe and especially in political seasons, they complained about the U.S. and reported on our failings compared to them.

Once the States grew in maturity, they stopped infringing on copyright as they had previously. Charles Dickens, for example, criticized the US on copyright protection severely in his life.

China is in a stage that the States also went through 100 years ago. It will not help or make anyone feel good to complain about it. This too shall pass. Others will likely replace China, but due to its size, it brings special unwarranted fear.

In the same article, the Wall Street journal notes: “Confronting China has cross-party appeal. Democrats, particularly organized labor, would like the U.S. to get tougher on Beijing. That stance also resonates among Republicans and business owners, who have expressed concerns about Beijing having an unfair economic advantage.” Republicans and Democrats are beating this drum for political points even though it is unfair and no use.

Obama and Republicans could deeply thank China for giving the U.S. very inexpensive products that 300 million Americans have all enjoyed. This has also helped make Walmart a global player while keeping US inflation under control. All of these are clearly good for the U.S. Instead, we beat on China for things they cannot avoid and that the US itself did not avoid in this stage of development.

Ugh, any thoughts?

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