China Country Leader Recruitment-9 Things to Beware

China country leader recruitment

Pretty on the outside and hollow on the inside. Your China leader?

Many companies that have outsourced manufacturing, make product outside China, or are in the service industry  need China Country Leader Recruitment as need someone to manage their sales development in China.

This position is critical to all your work in China, and no company takes it lightly.  However,  too many use the method they used elsewhere to hire, and the costs add up fast.

9 Fallacies and Insights to Succeed in China Country Leader Recruitment

1. Some Western leaders tell us they can find out the right guy in China and know the right way. We stand and watch them use gut feel just like they were hiring in Topeka. I do not recommend it in Topeka and that goes triple in China. (I do know a few people who are very good at avoiding gut feel, but how would you know who?)

2. They say  “We have LinkedIn and are finding candidates!”  My 12 year old could find people with good resumes. What are they thinking?  Chinese leaders are experts at manipulation. We should not think finding people who interview well is a sign you have a real sales leader.

3. “A source in the industry gave me this resume, and said I need to see this person.”  This sounds so good, but the person interviewed great and was bad from the first day in position. In another case, the person resigned after  3 months as the fit was so bad.  In each of these cases, some successful placements can be made. It is possible to get lucky. I do not think they would do factory quality this way.

4. “I know China.” Or saying “I have been to China dozens of times.” I know several Westerners who have lived here for 20 years, and you should not accept their most trusted people on your team and definitely not as your leader. Clearly visiting China many times would not be the right way.

5. “I was lost at first, but now found two good distributors, so now I can handle hiring a Country Manager.”  This company can clearly not afford such bravado.

The List Goes On

6. “We are using a company that we used in the US, and so we trust and feel comfortable with them in China.” Call us when you need to clean up after their work. Perhaps before is better. Most companies cannot bear this big a mistake. Something goes astray when these international recruiters come to China. They can usually only just give resumes and even that is often not high quality.  Is that really what you need as 80% are not telling the truth?

7. You need a guy with deep experience and who can handle the size of your organization in China.  Many will say they can and prove it with details. How will you really know?

8. You need someone with strategic insight in China and who can relationally connect with different kinds of people. You need someone who can find and handle distributors and end users. He can handle the government issues and build your long term reputation. If this guy is smart as he needs to be, can he skim off a lot of money or work very little and make sure you never know and think he is great?

9. What is the difference between mediocre performance and great performance for your product of service in China? How many sales would be good? What profit margin is achievable? Will it help if your China leader tells you the truth? Will he or she be that honest? If he or she is that honest, will you be able to believe him? or her?

Welcome to contact us if you would rather be sure of these questions.

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