China Employer Branding – Impacting Us More Than We Know

China Employer Branding

China Employer branding and Western- same principles

China Employer Branding is a topic in the West and needs more thought for Western Companies in China.

Being professionals in getting the best people for Western Companies in China, we know China Employer Branding is happening whether companies like it or not.

Companies that manage poorly and misuse workers and have bad bosses are known especially among well connected senior leaders.

We hate recruiting for the companies that are known as bad places to work. We call up candidates, and they are interested until we name the company and then they back off. These companies have trouble getting excellent talent and often only get the leftovers who no one wants.

Other companies are attracting people. Some of these companies are growing in China and candidates like that. Some are in a dynamic industry, and that is attractive. However, companies who rely on this keep us busy as people may join, but they also punch their ticket and leave.

Good people are attracted to good companies and stay with good leaders. You need to have both to do well in the China talent war.

We help companies understand what their point of differentiation is and then help them get leaders they need which surely helps their China Employer Branding. See also Candidate Experience and the Chinese Situation.

China Employer Branding is About Great Leadership

Yes, we help companies attract more great talent in a better way because we place great leaders. Great leaders retain great talent and win the talent war.

In companies that use us best, replacement recruiting goes down to almost none and hiring for new positions goes up. Great leaders are great to work for.  People give them their best.

So every position we recruit for, we are looking for leaders. We are looking for the force multipliers that make you better. That is where your company should begin in China Employer Branding. It is more than worth the investment to get this right.

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