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China engagement plusWanted to give you a little more thought on China Engagement.  Ran across an informative and useful article at Boston Consulting Group.

China Engagement for Employees is More Important Now

Economic growth and the eager new players have run up against a substantial challenge in China: talent is increasingly difficult to find and keep, and this talent shortage will only worsen over the next decade. By talent, we mean the set of employees, usually highly skilled, who help give a company its competitive advantage. The talent shortage applies across all ranks of the organization, although the challenge takes a slightly different shape in each group..

You likely already knew this. Competition for the right talent is getting high. People are mostly not engaged at work, and they turnover about every 2.5 years.   I know engaged workers I have placed who are around  10 years in their positions.

No wonder, then, that The Boston Consulting Group’s recent survey of HR professionals found talent management cited as the highest-priority issue in China. Companies that compete in China will need to raise their investment in talent management and to treat human capital with the same rigor as a capital asset investment. They will have to professionalize every stage of their approach—from recruiting and training to engagement and development.

Recruit, train, engage, and develop.  That is well said.  It takes a whole package to overcome turnover problems in China. Professional Recruiting, Excellent New Employee Orientation, faithful Leader Coaching , and Career Path thinking  are all needed for a successful program.  Naturally, the new employee will impact your culture and their engagement will be impacted by the culture they confront.   So engagement is a big topic and my company just makes sure for the right person with the right long term fit to start the process.

No company has to be a victim of the Chinese Engagement problem. Turnover does not have to be epidemic.


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